How can I check on the status on my model run?

You can check on your model run by going to the training or predicting step of the model. You will find a model run status widget on the lower right hand corner of the page. The widget refreshes every few seconds with the actual status of the model run in the API, and includes the following information:

  • Stage: will be Train or Predict 
  • Status: will be Inactive if the model is not running in the Analyzr API, will be Run in progress if the model is running in the Analyzr API. When the model is running you will also see a cross icon next to this field. Press the cross icon in the event you need to cancel the task. 
  • Started: timestamp indicating when the model started running in the API
  • Elapsed: time elapsed since the model started running in the API

Note that in between steps of the data pipeline, the  model may briefly be in inactive status prior to restarting.


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