Which metrics are shown in the Analytics Engine status widget?

The Analytics Engine status widget displays the following information:

  • Name: short form name of the API tenant, e.g. 'Acme' if your API license is registered under the 'Acme Corp.' customer account
  • Status: status of the analytics engine. Will be by default 'Normal' when all systems are OK, 'Unavailable' otherwise. 
  • Version: the Analyzr software version currently running on your API tenant. This may be needed when contacting the Analyzr Support team
  • Uptime: Percent uptime for the API in the last 30 days. Will normally be above 99.5%. Note that the uptime shown measures API availability excluding other Azure resources such as database storage. For more information and a comprehensive view of platform health, check out our Analyzr status page
  • Workers: number of entities provisioned to process asynchronous tasks, such as model runs, in the analytics engine. 
  • Active: number of active tasks (model runs) currently running in the API. This will be the total number across all API users. 
  • Scheduled: number of tasks (model runs) currently scheduled to run in the API. This will be the total number across all API users. 
  • RT: average response time of the API

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