What analytics engines can I use?

Depending on your user status you can select one of several analytics engines in the Settings page, Analytics Engine section:

  • Dedicated, single-tenant engine. Most paid users will have a single-tenant API license for dedicated cloud resources. Your dedicated engine will be listed as 'Analyzr Engine - Acme Users', where Acme in this example is your account name. You should use this engine by default when available for a full-featured experience
  • Shared-use engine. When in trial status you may be automatically set to use an analytics engine that is shared by other trial users. The shared engine will be listed as 'Analyzr Engine - Trial Users' when available to you. 
  • In-browser engine. Users that have not purchased a paid tier may enjoy Analyzr's free tier using the in-browser engine. This engine relies on a limited library of machine learning algorithms written in Javascript and executed in browser. Performance will be limited by your local machine specs.  The in-browser engine will be listed as 'Analyzr Engine - Local Machine'. 

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